Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Lunch

I want to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am for you and the opportunity I have to teach your child,. It is such a joy yo watch them learn and grow. Have a safe and relaxing break and know I appreciate you and all you do to support me in the classroom and your children at home and school.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election Day and Junie B. Jones

What a busy week we have had! The students were so excited to get to vote on Monday. They took their civic duties very seriously.

We continued to experiment with magnets in the Science Lab. The students had so much fun with magnetic slime, making their own magnets, and seeing how long they could make their butterflies fly.

Junie B. Jones was so funny! The students enjoyed the musical and seeing their favorite characters come to life.

Hope to see you On Thursday the 17th at 11:50 for our Thanksgiving Lunch in the cafeteria.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Heroes Essay

Please see the following information about the Heroes Essay Contest. If your child participates in this contest they can skip homework for the week you choose to work on it in order to focus on the essay. Last year one of my students went to the county level and their hero surprised them by being there !

East Cobb County Council (ECCC) of PTAs
2016-17 Honoring Our Heroes Program
everyday heroes: the power of one

Honoring Our Heroes is a student writing program designed for you to write about your real-life heroes and role models.
The person you write about should display one or more of the following characteristics:  generosity, trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery, imagination, service, gentleness, courage, or compassion.
We want you to redefine media-hyped and cartoon heroes such as professional athletes, movie stars, and rock musicians and instead recognize someone who has made a more personal impact on your life such as a family member, doctor, public safety officer, soldier, or teacher.
Essay Rules and Guidelines
1.      The essay can be handwritten or typed.
2.      The essay must be on one single sheet of 8½ x 11-inch paper
(Single or double-sided but no more than one sheet of paper)
3.      Completed entry form below must be attached to essay
4.      Student name ONLY should be placed in top right corner of the essay;
NO other identifying information should be on the essay.
5.      A picture of the hero should be attached if possible.
Label the picture on the back with the student’s name.

Judging Rules and Guidelines
Entries will be judged on the student’s ability to articulate the qualities of the hero and to describe the manner in which the hero has impacted the student’s life.
ECCC will hold a special reception to recognize the first place winner from each grade level at each school.  In addition, every writer who fits in the Special Artist category (as defined by Georgia PTA’s Special Artist category for the Reflections competition) will also be recognized.

Entries are due by January 27, 2017.