Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Buddies

Today we meet our book buddies for the first time. The students shared their favorite books with their partners. We will get together with our new buddies throughout the year. 

In the Science Lab we made wind vanes. First graders are responsible for learning about weather tools. This is just the first of many tools we will lean about this 9 weeks.

Calling all Grandparents! We have one more time slot available for reading. 8:15 is still open if we have any takers....

Thursday, August 20, 2015


A big thank you goes out to those parents in our classroom that have joined Foundation. Our class is in second place in the entire school.  If we are the class that has the most participation, we will win a special Science Lab experience with Mrs. Knobbe. I know the kids would enjoy that! Plus we will get 10% or 15% of the money our class donates to use for classroom materials! If the school reaches their goal of collecting $25,000 we will get a 200 dollar grant! So please,if you haven't already consider joining the Addison Foundation this year.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Science Lab

This week we had our first visit to the Science Lab. The kids had so much fun reviewing the rules and practicing how to be safe scientists. 

We developed our classroom mission statement. Please review it with your child and help them memorize it. 

Next week we have media center on Thursday! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Our First Week of School

We had such a busy first week of school. This week we focused on routines, the 4 Bes, working together,and bar graphs. 

The 4 Bes are be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be helpful. Theses "bes" will be used in the classroom as well as all around Addison. Ask you child what they mean and what they look like in action at school.

We will work together in groups almost daily in first grade. Getting along with others, sharing ideas, and taking turns can be tough. But not if you remember what GROUPS stands for.

This week and next are math focus will be on bar graphs. The students are expected to collect data, display it using a bar graph, and tell about the data they collected. We graphed feelings, favorite colors, and birthdays. 

Upcoming Events:
Media Center on Monday
SLO  testing on Wednesday
Open House on Thursday 5:00 (no children please)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy First Day of First Grade!

We had an exciting and busy first day of school. The students were awesome. They were hard workers,organized, and great listeners. We sorted our supplies,shared our Me Bag, created a "What if" chart,and read a book called First Grade Stinks

The children have brought home a white binder. This is their G.A.T.O.R. book. They will bring it home daily as a form of communication between school and home.Inside the binder is their agenda which you will sign each day. The front pocket is labeled Take Home. This is where you will find any important papers. The Cobb County folder contains many forms for you to read and fill out. Please return them at your earliest convenience. The sooner the better! Papers may be placed back in the Take Home section to return to school. 

Looking forward to a great year!