Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This week we will begin a new math strategy. It's called doubles. Please help your child memorize their doubles facts. This will help as we apply them to our strategy. Here is a link to a song to help with memorizing those facts. There is also a sneak peek at how the strategy works.

Doubles Rap

Friday, September 12, 2014

Slime and Georgia Regions

This week we had a messy visit to the Science Lab! The students got to make Goop and Silly Puddy. The students got to explore what happens when we mix different solids and liquids. If you would like to make Silly Puddy at home you will need 2 tbs or white glue, 2 tbs of liquid starch, and food coloring. First mix the glue and food coloring, then add the liquid starch, stir and watch the liquids come together. Play with the Puddy so it becomes more solid than liquid. Store in the refrigerator to prevent mold.

So far we have learned about 3 of Georgia's 5 regions. They are  Coastal Plain, Appalachian Plateau,  and the Piedmont. As you have the week off or are traveling for fall break, it would be a great time to explore Georgia's regions with your child! When we get back we finish the regions and move onto Georgia's rivers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ways to Make Ten

I math we are beginning to learn addition and subtraction strategies. Our first strategy is called Making Tens. Please help your child memorize all of their ten facts. This will be very helpful as we work on using tens to add. Below is a Brain Pop Jr. link and a preview of how we expect students to solve addition problems using Making Ten as a strategy.
Students will use their student ID # and the password read to login

Brain Pop Jr. Tens